TG 482

Based on the existing TG480 ejector, the TG482 was designed in order to eject 250lbs small diameter munitions and to ensure the specific ejection requirements of the same, i.e. :

an ejection under high velocity that requires a high level of thrust (End Of Stroke velocity up to 8 m/s)
the low mass/inertia of such munitions requires adding a VE wedge between the ejection pistons and the munition to avoid the yaw movement during the thrust

This device is a pneumatic ejector designed to cope with high level […]

TG 420

TG 420 pyrotechnical ejector can carry and release any bomb equipped with NATO 14″ standard lugs, with a 200mm to 540mm diameter and weighting up to 1000lbs.
TG420 is fitted in RAFAUT developed AUF2 and Compact AUF2 adaptors. It allows for instance under Mirage F1, Super Etendard and Mirage 2000, firing of Mk82 class bombs, either dumb or kitted.

TG 480

TG 480 ejector is the latest child of our products family. It is fitted in RAFALE AT730 triple store rack. It is a pneumatic ejector designed to cope with high level technical and operational specifications (high release speed, for instance).
It is equipped amongst others with pre constraint device including a torque limiter and an optic encoder in order to control the ejector tuning.

TG 600

RAFAUT TG 600 ejector equips Alphajet pylons. It is able to carry any NATO 14″ standard load, with a 200mm up to 600mm diameter and weighting ip to 650kg.

TM 50

RAFAUT TM 50 ejector was specifically designed to equip RAFAUT LBF2 products (training bomb racks).
It can carry and release any exercise or training bomb (60 to 130mm diameter and weighting up to 100lbs). It is useable with any BAVAR training bomb. This ejector was upgraded some years ago from pyro to pneumatics to fulfill various Air Forces specs.