TG 462

Fully qualified (Ground and Flight) in 1995 for TIGER program, RAFAUT TG462 EMRU had been developed for Eurocopter after a DGA (French MoD) leaded adjudication.
In parallel to this TG462 EMRU development, a mechanical slaving to helicopter weapon system mechanism was finalized. This TG462 can carry armaments such as MISTRAL or TRIGAT missiles as well as rocket launcher.

TG 464

TG 464 EMRU, which is also dedicated to carry NATO 14″ standard loads, was put into service twenty years ago, in 1993. More than one hundred of those equipments are operationally used with French Army Aviation Gazelle helicopters.
This EMRU which can carry missiles such as HOT and MISTRAL demonstrates quite remarkable records. Very few returns for repair and low spares selling has been shown.

TG 465

RAFAUT developed TG 465 EMRU is quite comparable to the one designed for the TIGER helicopter. Put into service in 1997, 150 are used operationally on ROOIVALK helicopters in South Africa.
This EMRU which includes a pre-constraint torque limiter, also demonstrates a very positive ops use assessment. After 15 years, less than 10 returns for repair were noted with a very low spare selling again.