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AUF2/T2 is the latest child of our smart twin store rack family. This is the pneumatic version of the existing AUF2. The creation of this smart rack would not have been possible without the skills acquired in our previous rack development projects, and notably :

AUF2 smart twin store rack for the bearing structure aspect
AT730 smart triple store rack for the pneumatic technology aspect

This multiple rack is able to carry a comprehensive range of smart munitions, from light (250lbs) to heavy (1000lbs). It can obviously manage digital link (Mil std 1760/1553 bus) and geoloc (GPS) circuits.

AT 730

RAFAUT company has developed an extensive line of multi bomb racks for the French MoD.
AT730 triple store rack which has been designed for RAFALE is able to carry three 500lbs smart bombs (Mk82 with guidance kit) or two 1000lbs smart bombs (kitted Mk83). It is fully qualified, in current operational use and combat proven under RAFALE wing station 2.
This rack is able to release a wide range of bombs : laser guided bombs, such as GBU12 or 16, but as well latest generation […]


AUF2 2000/F1 was developed to carry and release dumb and laser guided bombs under Mirage 2000 ans Mirage F1. Thanks to its modular interface system, it can be easily adapted under various fighter aircraft. This adaptor can also integrate digital link (Mil stad 1760/1553 bus) and geoloc (GPS) circuits.
It is fully capable for latest generation smart bombs, such as GBU49 or HAMMER (SBU38, 54…)

Super-Etendard + AUF2compact et prise 1760
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Compact AUF2

Compact AUF2

Compact AUF2 was developed to be integrated under French Navy Aviation Super Etendard in order to enable laser guided bombs firing, such as GBU12 and 22. Its 14″ interface with the aircraft pylon, its limited size and its low weight (63kg) facilitate its integration under light combat or training aircraft such as Hawk.
Just as AT730 triple store rack and AUF2 twin store rack, this Compact AUF2 can be fitted with digital link (Mil stad 1760/1553 bus) and geoloc (GPS) circuits. Then it is […]